Bird-Dogging Real Estate For Colorado Investors

by David Gerlitz on July 5, 2011

How do we bird-dog real estate for Colorado investors and what does it mean? It begins with those “We Pay Cash for Houses” signs along the road.

If you are considering investing in Colorado real estate, those signs could be the key to your success. But let us back up a minute and explain what “bird-dogging” really is: It is a person who scopes out and finds real estate deals for interested investors.

How to Bird-dog Real Estate for Investors

Think of a dog who points out and flushes game birds for a hunter. So just like a bird dog, a bird-dog for real estate investors points and flushes out good real estate deals for their “hunter” the investor. That’s where those “We Pay Cash For Houses” signs come in handy. We use signs like those to find people who are interested in taking cash for their houses or who need to sell fast and cannot wait for a more protracted real estate closing. We then pair them with interested Colorado real estate investors based on a number of criteria like the type of home, number of beds and baths, who pays what fees and costs, etc.

Once we have an agreement with the real estate investor, we set out to find what they are looking for. While the little ugly yellow signs work well for finding properties, we also do things like search the tax records, contact for sale by owners and mail into neighborhoods which have likely houses. We also have a database of past investors and interested parties who may be interested in selling their property.

A few caveats: We have to be sure to find properties that have motivated buyers with equity in their homes. While buying foreclosures and short sales is supposedly all the rage, if there is no equity in the property, it does not make financial sense to approach a seller who is facing foreclosure.

So now you know what those signs along the road are for! If you are an interested real estate investor who would like to find out more about Colorado Investment Property, call Dave Gerlitz today at 720-306-8017!

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