Boulder Investment Properties – In A Class By Themselves

by David Gerlitz on October 28, 2011

Boulder investment properties are in a real estate market class all by themselves. Let’s look at some of the ways that the Boulder market differs from the norm.

Boulder Investment Properties - In A Class By ThemselvesBoulder College Investment Properties

There is a HUGE college presence in the Boulder investment property market. The University of Colorado Boulder (or CU as it is know to the locals) has about thirty thousand students descend on campus each fall. While there is on campus housing, there are a lot of undergraduates and graduate students who prefer to live off campus.

This influx of students is one reason for the strange norms that Boulder has for investment property pricing, see our previous post, rental pricing guidelines in the Boulder real estate market to find out more.

Boulder’s Limited Building

Boulder has done a number of things right to increase the quality of life for it’s residents (but which have also caused the cost of housing to rise). In the 1960′s, Boulder set up a land tax structure to purchase “greenbelt” areas that would keep developers from building at a rate that they would prefer. Additionally, Boulder set a limit of 55 feet for building height, so as not to hurt the views of the Rocky Mountains as well as limited the amount of residential and commercial growth (source Alternatives To Growth – Case Study Boulder CO).

As a local real estate investor and Realtor who works with investors, I can definitely say that these restrictions have affected both the purchase price of investment property and the rental prices and occupancy rates for our rentals. Prices have not fallen as they have around the country and we tend to be able to maintain a 98 percent occupancy rate with minimal marketing efforts.

Boulder Workforce and Non Student Housing

Many of the same market conditions that effect the student housing impact non-student and workforce housing. Occupancy rates, availability for investing and the limited building rules all apply here too.

Non Linear Reasons Boulder is a Great Investment Opportunity

If you would like to find out more about available Boulder Investment Properties, give me a call today! 720-306-8017

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