Investment Property Boulder – Fix and Flip Case Study

by David Gerlitz on March 9, 2011

Investing in investment property in Boulder, CO can look a little different than anywhere else. Thought you might like to see what a fix and flip case study here looks like!

Downtown Boulder investment properties come in all shapes and sizes but what we see often is a Bungalow or Victorian in the front and a possible additional dwellings like small rental units, garages or other structures that can be converted in the back. For this fix and flip, we turned the entire property into a 4 unit condo complex, with two units in the front and two in the back.

The nice part about Boulder investment property is that the college requires massive amounts of housing so we were able to sell the back unit to another investor and then keep the front unit as a buy and hold cash flow property!

If you would would like to find out more about investment property for sale in Boulder Co, give us a call today 720-306-8017!

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