Property Management Checklist – Top Tips

by David Gerlitz on April 5, 2011

Property management is an important element for real estate investors. Having a property management checklist can make the difference between an active and a vacant property.

If a person is a property manager for an apartment complex, condos, duplexes, or any other property, then the job description details should match the title of the job. Here are the most common tasks and tips of a property manager to care for a property.

Property Management ChecklistOutside maintenance is a must for a property manager. Trash cans should be washed and the trash needs to be dumped. The yard needs to be mowed, trees, bushes, or hedges should be trimmed, and weeds eliminated. Check all the downspouts and gutters to make sure they are not clogged with debris.

When it is warmer outside, fix broken wooden trim and paint it. Pressure wash the buildings to get mold and dirt off again. If the building can’t be pressured washed, then add a fresh coat of paint. This is a very important tip for a property manager.

Taking care of the property on the outside adds value to the property. The people who live there feel safe and appreciated, and neighbors are happy because it will help keep their own property values as high as possible.

Besides outside maintenance, make sure the inside is taken care of as well. This is a top property manager task. Check the smoke alarms in the hallway to see if working properly along with changing out the batteries. Make sure the stair hand railing is not loose and add new paint if necessary. Clean the stairs and even give them a good washing. Wash the windows and fix the screens.

If you live in winter states, make sure everything is maintained for winter like wrapping water pipes and using weather strips for doors and windows. Check the heating and air systems for any potential problems.

Top property manager tasks and tips are numerous. But, a property manager must do their job correctly to ensure the safety of the tenants. The company that owns the property ensures their trust with the manager that runs the property, which is extremely important.

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kevin April 18, 2011 at 4:06 am

Having an agent from a property management company to handle your properties is a very healthy way to do business in the real estate market. I saw this after I found an agent that made miracles with my properties and rental places in Vegas.


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