Real Estate Syndication Colorado

by David Gerlitz on May 17, 2011

Real Estate Syndication in Colorado and elsewhere can be a good real estate investment strategy for people who want to reap the rewards of investing now while also limiting liability and staying true to their risk tolerance level.

Real  Estate Syndication in  Colorado
Here’s David Gerlitz, of Investment Property Colorado, with a simple and clear definition of Real Estate Syndication.

In a way, real estate synication is like fractionalized ownership instead of direct ownership of an entire real estate interest. The relationship among investors is specified in a contract that requires legal expertise to set up.

The types of syndicates include co-ownership, divided ownership, corporation, trust, general partnership and limited partnership. In addition, there are three central participants: the syndicator who creates the syndicate, the syndicate manager who manages and promotes the syndication, and the investors who buy the investment unit

There are also many other experts useful to syndicates such as appraisers, builders, leasing agents and mortgage lenders.

In some cases the syndicator may buy the property before creating the syndicate organization. In other cases, the syndicate investment units may be marketed before the real property is acquired.

There are many facets of real estate syndication, and they are worth exploring in this new era in real estate investment.

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