Rental Pricing Guidelines in the Boulder Real Estate Market

by David Gerlitz on April 26, 2011

Boulder is a hot real estate market for investors right now. But it’s important to know how its rental pricing rules differ from those in other real estate markets.

Pricing Guidelines in the Boulder Real Estate MarketAs a general rule, Boulder’s homes are priced by the number of bedrooms rather than the unit as a whole. This is mainly because the city has such a high population of university students who need room and house rentals.

This steady renter supply is not the only thing attracting investors: Boulder is gaining investor interest because of its bright economic outlook.

See what a typical Boulder investment property looks like – and how it compares in price with other markets:

Here are some general rental pricing rules of thumb: In Boulder, each bedroom is priced in the range of $600 to $700 a month, making the value of a median priced three bedroom home somewhere between $300,000 to $400,000. As real estate investments go, many find Boulder a real winner as signs of economic recovery begin to show.

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