The History of Boulder, Colorado

by David Gerlitz on November 8, 2011

The History of Boulder, Colorado started in the 19th century. A rich gold strike on Boulder Creek in 1858 brought a flood of those seeking their fortune in that gold. Another, later, silver strike pushed the first inhabitants of the area, Southern Arapaho Indians along with Sioux, Cheyenne, Utes and Comanches from the area.

The History of Boulder, Colorado

The dislocation of these Indians caused later problems in Boulder and Denver when the Indians fought back. By 1861, the US Congress created the Colorado Territory from a part of the Nebraska Territory. The city grew quickly, like neighboring Denver, with those seeking their fortunes in mining or in providing services to those miners.

After many years of lobbying, Boulder became the home of the University of Colorado in 1877. As it was guaranteed to happen, the gold and silver veins were exhausted and the leaders in Boulder came upon the idea of using tourism to keep the city from failing.

They marketed the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery that were part of the Boulder, Colorado experience. It was a genius idea and it worked. People flocked to the area over the next decades to enjoy both and the outdoor sports that naturally came with them. Through the 1880’s until the 1940’s Boulder grew and prospered.

When World War II began, the travel industry in Boulder was deeply impacted. World wide travel was curtailed because of the wars in both Europe and in Asia. The US Navy Language School at Boulder, a Japanese language school, helped save the city. After the war, people came back to the area to attend school using their G.I. Bills.

Later decades brought the industries of space travel, computer technology and IBM. These industries clashed then melded with the counterculture hippies and beatniks of the 1960’s. Today you can see both cultures in Boulder, the high tech and social minded, married into an interesting amalgamation. Boulder has become a community that is both environmentally conscious and wealthy.

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