Top Strategies to Find Good Real Estate Investment Deals

by David Gerlitz on May 25, 2011

With the housing market still in a flux, top strategies to find good real estate investment deals are a must.

Discounted and distressed properties are plentiful. Knowing how to negotiate a good real estate investment deal will help you secure a solid footing when investing. Here are some top real estate investment tips to get started and avoid costly mistakes.

op Strategies to Find Good Real Estate Investment DealsStart by learning all you can about discounted properties in the area you choose. Examine each property and surroundings carefully, especially if you inves t in an unfamiliar area. Find out why a seller wants to sell the property for less than the market value: It could be located near an industrial area, or in the opposite direction of growth. There may be a neighbor issue or perhaps chronic economic vacancy. Perhaps a municipal project like road widening or a proposed development is on the drawing board.

Find out why the person wants to sell so cheap. What are the variables? Knowing these answers are key to turning this investment around into a profit. Location is not a factor in the short term. When the property is marketed correctly, this is where location can come into play down the road.

If you are new to real estate investment, do your homework. Do you know what the asking and selling price really means? A top strategy to find good real estate investment deals is knowing the definition of every term you see and hear. To an investor, the selling price is important, not the asking pricing. The seller usually never gets the asking price because of negotiations.

So play the game on how low you can go. One strategy for non-represented sellers is asking a friend to call the seller and inquire about the property, finding out how low they might be willing to go on the phone. This strategy can help you get a more realistic price, determine a hidden reason for selling, or eke out information you, as a professional investor, might not want to ask outright. Gauge the answer: Did the offer offend the seller or is the seller flexible? This knowledge can pave the way for a great deal, all things considered, saving you thousands of dollars and hours of time.

There are many top strategies to find good real estate investment deals; you just have to be willing to put forth research, time and, perhaps, a good friend!

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