Welcome To Investment Property Colorado

I want to give you a warm welcome to Investment Property Colorado.com.  I’d also like to congratulate you on taking a positive step towards maximizing the profits on your investment dollars.

In the months and years ahead you’ll have access to some of the best Real Estate deals available in Colorado and beyond.

Serving you well is our top priority. Please accept our free report “12 Benefits of investing in a Real Estate Syndicate” which you will be receiving shortly. You’ll also be receiving our newsletter and periodic market updates. We promise to always provide important, timely and “short” pieces. We understand your time is valuable and you are selective about the information you consume.

Perhaps you are ready to get started. Great! Each person has different needs, availability of funds, and investment comfort levels. We understand the importance of having investment types that suit everyone.  If and when you are ready, please request our investor questionnaire. This will enable us to serve you better and better define the needs of your investment.

Whether you are just browsing for now or ready to go, long term relationships are important to us. If we can ever do anything to better serve you, please let us know. We want to grow and change with you.

We want this to be a great investment for you, and the most member friendly experience you’ll ever have. Please call us anytime you have a concern or question.

Welcome to the team.


Dave Gerlitz

Investment Property Colorado.com

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