What is Your Real Estate Investing Exit Strategy?

by David Gerlitz on March 30, 2011

Real estate investors find that real estate investments are on the rise across the country. Why? In these chaotic financial times, many see it as a better investment than stocks or bonds. But investing in real estate is not without risk. Investors should plan an investing exit strategy even before they make their initial real estate investment.

So what is your real estate investing exit strategy? Real estate investment strategies are the key to winning the investment game. Let’s take a look at a few strategies.

What is Your Real Estate Investing Exit Strategy?Real estate investing exit strategies depend primarily on the type of property involved. Hundreds of exit strategies might exist, but there are two primary strategies that fit most circumstances.

Quick Turn Around Real Estate Investment Strategy

Those looking to invest and then realize a quick turn-around would do best working with short sale properties that have equity already built into them. We have access to lists of short sale properties on the market currently and can work with you as a buyer on these types of real estate investments. Short sales properties come with equity already built in and are are a great opportunity to do a rehab or fix and flip. These are the perfect properties for those who are interested in working with a property over a shorter time period.

Buy And Hold Real Estate Investing

When you are looking for a longer term exit strategy, you can afford to go into the property with less equity but have to be sure that it makes sense rental wise. The Boulder (and Colorado in general) real estate market is great for a buy and hold strategy as there are a ready, willing and able pool of young college students and new workers who are looking for affordable housing.

If you are considering investing in Colorado real estate, it is VITAL that you take all this information into consideration when planning your real estate investment strategies, Also, don’t forget to outline the plans BEFORE the investment. Think of the plans as a blueprint to follow, one that guides you to successful investments.

Do you want to learn more? Please feel free to contact me about Colorado investment properties that have built in exit strategies! 720-306-8017

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