Why Restrictive Building Practices Have Made Boulder a Great Place to Live!

by David Gerlitz on December 14, 2011

Boulder, Colorado has some rather strict building practices, giving many other people, other than the land owner, say over how their land is developed. Why? So that the community can keep the beauty that is Boulder.

Boulder real estateThe county and city plans keep a lot of land in conservation in order to keep the pristine mountain views from being obliterated by low cost housing and urban sprawl. By adopting a building plan that encourages open space, everyone in the community will benefit not just individual land owners. Parts of the plan also ensure that uses of neighboring parcels don’t cause harm to others, such as doing something that would affect the groundwater or create landslide hazards. Through good engineering and construction practices, potential harms can be mitigated, ensuring that all landowners are fairly treated and the environment is impacted in a small way.

Building codes also encourage “green” building practices. These practices encourage side development that reduces the impact of development on the environment. This means doing things like placing buildings in a manner that uses natural sunlight to help with heating and cooling costs, or grading the site in a way that will stop run off and pollute surrounding streams or ponds. It also encourages using building materials that are durable and use recycled materials. Using recycled materials also reduces the impact of waste on the environment. Green building practices also incorporates energy efficient designs to conserve resources. For the homeowner, this also means lower energy costs for them over the life of the home. These practices sound like they are more expensive, but because of demand by the public, costs for green materials are becoming cost effective.

By encouraging green building that conserves open space and great views, Boulder is a beautiful and green place to call home.

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